A Bird’s Eye View On Real Estate Success.

I love helping people during one of the most important times of their lives. I leave no stone unturned in searching for all the ways my clients can maximize their investment.

I love helping people during one of the most important times of their lives. I leave no stone unturned in searching for all the ways my clients can maximize their investment.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the morning air. The sound of birds chirping reverberates in the well-manicured yard, the distinctive calls of the Tufted Titmouse, Cardinal and Chickadee. Sitting with her husband, Tim, local businesswoman Toni Bird is savoring her morning ritual, relaxing on her porch with their morning coffee, going over the day’s plans and watching the various birds fighting for position on the bird feeder. This is her favorite time of day, the time where she rejuvenates, gets perspective on the day ahead and recharges her batteries for another business day. It’s a golden time she cherishes and looks forward to.

Perspective is Everything

For this dynamic businesswoman, perspective is everything; not only in her professional endeavors, but in her personal life as well. Toni brings a focused and disciplined approach to her work. An excellent student through college, she majored in Music Education and earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida. Highlights of her college career include singing Beethoven’s Ninth with the Gulf Coast Symphony. After graduation, she accepted a position as Band Director, the first woman director in the county.

Successful Careers

bio-2Toni went on to a successful 16-year career in the mortgage industry, where her focused perspective and disciplined approach to her work earned her management status. Throughout her professional and academic careers, she strived for the perspective she needed to be successful. She prepared and did her homework. She made sure she saw the big picture as well as the small details. She worked hard to see things from other people’s perspectives. This approach, along with her hard work ethic, resourcefulness and creativity propelled Toni to success in everything she undertook.

The Tranquility of Nature

When this dynamic professional isn’t helping her clients with one of life’s most important investments, she enjoys gardening. Toni’s yard is her sanctuary. There, she enjoys her roses, irises, hostas, and the birds that come to visit. Her second favorite place to be is at or near the water, whether that’s by the pool, lake or the seaside. She loves to travel, particularly to National Parks, and is an avid conservationist. Toni also likes to cook. Her favorite fare is Italian, and she and Tim love to throw dinner parties with lots of food on the table.

Real Estate Perspective

As you may have guessed, “Perspective” is the key to Toni’s success as one of the Birmingham area’s leading real estate professionals. For her, that means getting a “bird’s eye view” or the big picture in each client’s unique transaction. It also means seeing things from that client’s perspective. This, along with carefully listening to his or her needs, allows her to creatively and effectively put together a tailored plan of action. Clients also appreciate her sense of humor and down to earth demeanor.

bio-4Toni also has a bird’s eye view of the local market, and a detailed understanding of the local inventory of homes for sale. Toni’s clients find her mortgage knowledge and experience gives them a strategic advantage. She helps her buyers by carefully doing the research and showing them only homes that suit their lifestyle and investment needs. Toni prides herself on not wasting their important time. For her sellers, she creates effective marketing strategies that get homes sold quickly and for top dollar.

A Professional’s Perspective

Toni has built a solid reputation in her field. She works with many professionals who appreciate her expertise, insight and the perspective she brings to their transactions. They know she understands the value of their time and she works hard to get them the pertinent information they need to make sound decisions. Toni Bird is bringing her clients A Professional’s Perspective, and it’s making a big difference in their transactions. When it’s time for you to make a call, call Toni. You’ll be glad you did.

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